07: Jon Raskin

raskin_headlandsFTRI talk with Jon Raskin of ROVA Saxophone Quartet, about long-term collaboration, language poets, graphic scores, jaw harps and more.

(photo: Michael Zelner)


The ROVA saxophone quartet has been around for over 35 years.



The original group was Andrew Voigt, Bruce Ackley, Larry Ochs, Jon Raskin. About 25 years ago Andrew Voigt left, and Steve Adams replaced him. The ROVA site is www.rova.org.

Here are excerpts from a few of Jon’s graphic scores:

qupeThis is from Qume, the piece that’s heard in the show, as played by the Jon Raskin Quartet.


flower_power3mexican_sagegingkoThese are Flower Power 3, Mexican Sage and Gingko. See more at Jon’s website jonraskin.com

The music in the episode:

  • Fish Speech from Open Box (2012) CD on  Tzadik(New York), John Raskin music, Carla Harryman, poetry.
    Track Listing: Fish Speech; Open Box Part 1; Open Box Part 2; LA Reactive Meme; Song for Asa; A Sun and Five Decompositions; JS Active Meme.
    CD Personnel: Carla Harryman: reader; Jon Raskin: reader, sax, vocals; Liz Allbee: trumpet, electronics; Eli Crews: pro tools, studio; Aurora Josephson: reader, vocals; Ava Mendoza: electric guitar; Gino Robair: drums, electronics, percussion, piano; Roham Sheikhani: reader; John Shiurba: electric guitar.
  • Qupe by Jon Raskin, from John Raskin Quartet (2012) CD on Rastascan Records(Oakland CA). Liz Albee (tpt), George Cremaschi(bass), Gino Robair(perc) Jon Raskin (saxes).
  • Ascension by John Coltrane from Electric Ascension (2009) CD on Atavistic (Chicago) performed by Rova Orkestrova: ROVA Saxophone Quartet, plus Chris Brown- electronics, Nels Cline-guitar, Fred Frith- bass, Carla Kihlstedt- violin, Ikue Mori- electronics, Donald Robinson-drums, Jenny Scheinman- violin, Otomo Yoshihide- turntables/electronics, Akira Horikoshi -drums, Toshiki Nagata-bass.
  • WIG HAG SIX STEP by Jon Raskin, performed by ROVA, from the 2004 ROVA donor gift disc.
  • Untitled Jaw Harp duo, from an unreleased recording of a 2014 concert at Tom’s Place in Berkeley CA.