Welcome to the Noisy People Podcast, which is being opened to the public today!

Some years ago I made a documentary film about the San Francisco experimental and improvisational music scene called NOISY PEOPLE – which consisted of eight biographical sketches of active musicians in the area.

Making that movie didn’t seem to get rid of my itch to look into the lives of musicians and their work, so this podcast is really a way to continue that process.

For each episode, I’m going to talk to, usually, just one musician or sound artist, and we’ll listen to samples of their work. The shows will run probably between 15 and 30 minutes each. As far as style goes, or genre: experimental, improvisational and electronic music is the core of my interest, but really the only limitation is that I’ll be looking at people and work that I find interesting, for whatever reason.


I’ve started with a “small season” of episodes to get up to speed: Scat singer/physicist Lorin Benedict, Bass legend Joëlle Léandre, turntablist Ignaz Schick, and filmmaker Caroline Martel (of Wavemakers, a film on the Ondes Martenot electronic instrument from 1928).  There are more episodes in the works to be released soon: German tuba player and band leader Carl-Ludwig Hubsch, saxophonist Jon Raskin, and a special show produced with Barbara Golden talking with Roscoe Mitchell.